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Inventory Management
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Simple to use, beautifully designed, customizable inventory software system for any business buying and selling goods.

Managing inventory can be hard. We fixed it – it's easy now.

Our fresh approach provides the easiest full featured inventory solution on the market.

World Leaders in Inventory Management Software

SalesBinder manages over $200 Billion USD worth of inventory in over 130 countries.

Products tracked daily
1 Billion
Invoiced inventory annually
$2 Billion (USD)
Page requests /mo
200 Million

All the features you'll ever need to manage your business

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and check stock levels in real-time. Receive low inventory notifications and generate purchase orders to replenish your stock.

Invoices & Estimates

Create beautiful, professional invoices & estimates in just a few seconds and then instantly email them as PDF's directly to your customers or prospects.

Customer Accounts

With built-in CRM features you can keep track of all your customer accounts with ease. Add multiple contacts, private notes, and review their purchase history.

Barcode Scanning

Scan inventory into your orders, generate barcodes for your documents, search for inventory or documents by scanning barcodes.

Locations and Zones

Have multiple warehouses, offices, or retail stores? No problem. Easily track where all your inventory is by organizing everything into locations and zones.

Item Variations

Organize inventory items using custom attributes such as size, color, and location. View how many you have globally or at each location.

Kitting and Bundling

Use your inventory to combine, assemble, build, or manufacture new products and packages. Inventory pieces inside a kit are updated automatically.

Shipment Tracking

Track your carrier shipment updates in real-time directly inside SalesBinder. Pull up an order and know exactly what the latest shipping status is.

Currency Exchange

Keep your financials and reports completely accurate using your business's preferred base currency, while buying and selling goods in any currency.

Purchase Orders

Replenish your inventory levels by purchasing more stock from your suppliers. Track when new stock will arrive and manage changes in unit costs.


Generate extremely detailed reports for your inventory, sales and services. Filter your reports by date-range and category to see what's making you the most money.

User Permissions

Custom user permissions allows you to toggle what each of your team members can see and do. Hide things, make things read-only, or hide everyone else's stuff.

News Releases

Custom Fields Everywhere: Customizing Your Data

May 01, 2024 We're excited to announce a powerful new feature, Custom Fields for all types of data! This update empowers you to tailor your SalesBinder account to your specific needs by creating extra fields that capture the exact data you require.

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New: Purchase Order Payments

April 12, 2024 Starting today you're now able to record your own payments made towards purchase orders for your suppliers/vendors. This enables you to keep track of which POs still have balances owed and which ones have already been fully paid.

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A New Billing Portal for our SalesBinder Subscribers

March 25, 2024 Starting today we have a new billing portal for managing your subscription with us. It includes tons of improvements and streamlines our entire billing process

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New Year, New Updates & Improvements

January 11, 2024 Happy New Year from everyone at SalesBinder! We have a lot of big updates planned for this year along with some great new things we've already released over this past month.

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System Upgrades: A Database Success Story

November 14, 2023 We're thrilled to share a milestone achievement that's been the buzz behind the scenes here at SalesBinder. After months of meticulous planning, coding marathons, and a fair share of caffeine, we've successfully replaced our entire system's primary databases – it's been quite the adventure.

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QuickBooks Integration Improvements

August 30, 2023 We recently introduced some new features and improvements to our long running QuickBooks Online integration and we’re pleased to share details on all the changes.

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Recent Improvements and Enhancements

May 09, 2023 We completed a lot of small improvements and enhancements throughout SalesBinder recently, from managing your subscriptions, to handling large datasets more efficiently, to improving overall performance throughout.

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Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) Now Available

February 24, 2023 We're excited to announce the addition of a new security feature, Two-Factor Authorization (2FA). This feature is now available to all SalesBinder users and aims to provide an extra layer of security to the software, making it even more secure for businesses to manage their inventory and customer data.

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  • Dev Team
    Jul 3, 2024 New Feature

    Starting today, you can email your customer’s billing statements as a PDF attachment directly from the report. Additionally, you can apply a date range filter and email the specified version of the statement.

  • Dev Team
    May 9, 2024 New Feature

    Manage your Numbering Sequences for all different types of records. For example, you're now able to choose what the next auto-incrementing invoice number will be, or customer number, or PO number, along with many other types of records. Just go to Settings >> Account Setup >> Numbering Sequences and start adjusting your sequences however you like.

  • Dev Team
    May 1, 2024 New Feature

    Custom Fields are available everywhere now! You're now able to setup extra fields for all your different record types (such as customers, invoices, POs, etc) and customize how you want them displayed. We've always had custom fields for inventory, but we've now expanded this for many more more types of records. To get started, just go to your Settings >> Custom Fields.

  • Dev Team
    Apr 12, 2024 New Feature

    Starting today, you're now able to enter and track your own payments for your supplier/vendor purchase orders. If you enable this new feature, we also offer a convenient one-time batch update option, which will automatically mark existing "received" POs as paid in full to save you time from updating historical POs.

  • Dev Team
    Mar 14, 2024 New Feature

    We just released a new report for reviewing the deleted records log in your account. You can see who deleted each record, a preview of what was in that record, and even apply filters then search through them. If you have administrative privileges you can view this now by going to Reports --> Deleted Records.

  • Dev Team
    Jan 25, 2024 Improvement

    When exporting your inventory data as csv spreadsheet files, we added the "Incoming Units" column so you can now compare incoming units with your other quantities and have the complete picture. Incoming units are a real-time tally of how much stock has been ordered through your purchase orders but not yet received.

  • Dev Team
    Dec 14, 2023 New Feature

    We're pleased to introduce time-based access controls, allowing SalesBinder administrators to restrict user access to their accounts based on the time of day. For example, you can now limit user access to only business hours, such as 9am to 5pm based on your account's timezone. Just go to Settings >> Manage Users and find the new Time-Based Access options.

  • Dev Team
    Dec 7, 2023 Changes

    We implemented new email sending limits on free accounts (and free-trials) due to some new and highly sophisticated email spamming techniques. The daily sending limit for free accounts is 15, whereas our paid plans are still unlimited. This ensures our global email sending reputation remains high, while also ensuring your sent emails maintain their highest deliverability rates.

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