Inventory Management

The easiest and most beautiful inventory you've ever seen.

Invoices & Estimates

Create estimates and invoices then let SalesBinder do the rest.

Customer Accounts

Customers, prospects, and suppliers. In one convenient place.

Barcode Scanning

Use a barcode scanner to create orders and lookup information.

Locations and Zones

Multiple locations? No problem. Unify your location's inventory.

Item Variations

Organize inventory items using custom attributes.

Kitting & BundlingAdd-on

Use your inventory to combine and build new products.

Shipment Tracking

Track your shipping carrier live updates directly in SalesBinder.

Currency Exchange

Use a single currency while buying and selling your products in any currency.

Purchase Orders

Replenish stock levels, track when they should arrive.


Generate extremely detailed reports for your inventory, sales and services.

User Permissions

Finely tune what each of your team members can see and do.

IntegrationsiOS App

Reports For Everything

Generate detailed reports for all your financial, sales, and inventory activities.

Generate your report, save it as a PDF.

Detailed reporting includes your Account Receivables, Net Revenue, Gross Revenue, Taxes Collected, Profit/Loss Totals, Cost Of New Inventory Purchases, Cost Of Additional Inventory Expenses, Total Inventory Valuation, Sold Inventory, Purchased Inventory, Low Inventory, Sales Commissions, and more.

Financial Report

Review your financial report for any period and compare that with the previous period.

The financial report is based on your actual invoiced sales and live inventory data so it's always up-to-date. You can review and compare your financial revenue, profits, expenses, taxes collected, services sold, cost of goods sold (COGS), and many other data points.

We also support reviewing your inventory valuation in real-time, or from a historical date (based on the end of that day).

Like all of our reports, you can always save and share them as PDF files as well.

Refine your reports

Select a specific date-range plus other options for each of your reports.

When generating your reports, optionally choose a specific date-range as well as many other options, all customized for each report.

Aged Receivables

Which Accounts have Outstanding Invoices and for how long.

Generate your standard aged receivable reports and save them as a PDF for sharing with your accounting department.

Customer Billing Statements

Generate customizable billing statements with aged balances built-in.

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