API Documentation

    Getting Started

    The SalesBinder API is a RESTful interface designed for those interested in developing 3rd party code to communicate securely with our platform. We strongly recommend having programming experience before considering reading any further – just a heads-up!

    What is the SalesBinder API used for?

    Using our API you can fully control your SalesBinder account data using 3rd party software or even create your own home-made scripts. You’re able to integrate your inventory data into a website, display inventory stock levels in real-time, and even take it a step further by integrating into an e-commerce shopping cart so SalesBinder can create invoices while managing your inventory levels automatically. In addition to this you cab also create your own mobile apps, extend SalesBinder’s core functionality, generate unique custom reports, or anything else you can think of.

    General API Formatting:

    Index (GET): https://[subdomain].salesbinder.com/api/2.0/[method].[format]
    View (GET): https://[subdomain].salesbinder.com/api/2.0/[method]/[id].[format]
    Create (POST): https://[subdomain].salesbinder.com/api/2.0/[method].[format]
    Edit (PUT): https://[subdomain].salesbinder.com/api/2.0/[method]/[id].[format]
    Delete (DELETE): https://[subdomain].salesbinder.com/api/2.0/[method]/[id].[format]

    Data Validation Error Formatting


    2    "message": {
    3        "errors": {
    4            "name": {
    5                "_required": "This field is required"
    6            },
    7            "context_id": {
    8                "_required": "A context_id is required (2, 8, or 10)"
    9            }
    10        }
    11    },
    12    "customer": {
    13        "incorrect_field_name": "Test"
    14    }


    1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    3  <message>
    4    <errors>
    5      <name required='This field is required'/>
    6      <context_id required='A context_id is required (2, 8, or 10)'/>
    7    </errors>
    8  </message>
    9  <customer>
    10    <incorrect_field_name>Test</incorrect_field_name>
    11  </customer>

    Not A Programmer?

    The SalesBinder API is basically for nerds only. If you’re not a programmer, and you don’t have one in your company that you can bribe, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to find you a good recommendation to work with for building your project.

    Network Status:
    100% Global Availability