API Documentation

    Rate Limiting

    Our API has implemented connection limits to ensure the stability of our services, so be sure to write your scripts efficiently. If you’re integrating our API into your public facing website we recommend caching your data for at least 5 minutes, this way if your website receives a lot of activity you won’t have to worry about the API temporarily cutting you off.


    You can make requests within the following limits. Whichever rule gets hit first will start the temporary blocking.

    50 requests per 1 minute
    15 requests per 10 seconds

    Exceeding The Rate Limit

    You will automatically be blocked for 1 minute everytime you exceed your connection limits based on the rules above. If you continuously exceed the limits, the time blocked increases. Be careful not to continuously exceed the limits for an extended period of time, otherwise your API will be disabled and you will need to contact our support team to re-enable it.

    Network Status:
    100% Global Availability