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A New Billing Portal for our SalesBinder Subscribers

March 25, 2024

Starting today we have a new billing portal for managing your subscription with us. It includes tons of improvements and streamlines our entire billing process.
Billing Portal

The new billing portal

When you're logged into your SalesBinder account and would like to manage your billing information, everything is still found under the Settings area. When you want to update your billing information we now load up your billing portal with our partner Stripe so you can manage everything on your own.


Stripe billing portal preview
  • update your existing card information
  • add multiple cards to your profile and select your default card
  • remove an existing card from your profile
  • update your billing information (billing address, billing email, etc)
  • view/download your invoices/receipts
  • review your next future invoice amount

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Link now supported

If you're using a device setup with Apple Pay or Google Pay, you're now able to choose that as your payment method. In addition to this, we now support paying via Stripe's "Link" method for checking out faster.

Now accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe Link

Better compatibility with country specific billing requirements

In some countries, using a credit card online requires a lot more layers of security (such as 3-D Secure). Previously these additional requirements could have caused false declines on your card – we're pleased this is improved and we can now support the widest possible range of billing methods globally.

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