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We're always updating our software with new features & improvements. Check back frequently to stay up-to-date.

New: Kitting / Bundling / Manufacturing

September 24, 2019 Today we’re thrilled to announce the addition of Kitting and Bundling. This powerful new feature enables you to use existing inventory to create new assembled products.
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Mobile Device Design Optimizations

June 17, 2019 We’re really proud to share our completely redesigned layout for SalesBinder on smaller screens. You’ll notice SalesBinder now looks amazing on any sized screen. From the smallest sized mobile phone to the largest desktop sized monitors, you can now manage your inventory, sales, purchases, and everything else with the most intuitive design possible.
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New: Stock Transfers With Shipment Tracking

April 08, 2019 Today we’re announcing a brand new feature in SalesBinder for doing inventory stock transfers. Although we have always supported basic transferring of stock, we’ve created an entirely new document for bulk transferring goods from one location to another.
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New Features & Improvements

January 18, 2019 We’ve recently released some big updates to SalesBinder and think everyone is going to love them – we certainly do! Here’s the latest:
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More Reporting Options & Improvements

November 28, 2018 We’re pleased to have released more new features and improvements to SalesBinder this week. Here’s an overview of what’s new
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New: Inventory Quantity Ledger

November 09, 2018 We’re excited to announce a powerful new tool for keeping track of your changing inventory quantities.
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Inventory Variations: New Enhancements

October 10, 2018 Managing your inventory with item variations has undergone some big improvements. Here’s an overview of the latest changes:
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New Importing and Reporting Improvements

September 13, 2018 Our development team has been busy working on a lot of new features and improvements to SalesBinder.
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Software Updates

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New Reports Added: Sales Commission Report & a completely redesigned Financial Report.
New Settings Option Added: Under Settings >> Documents >> General Settings: "Display sales person's contact information on sales documents".
New: User Management & Expanded User Permissions. Check out the details here:
New: Email your customers their shipping information and latest updates.
New in SalesBinder: Live shipment tracking built directly into your shipped packing lists – with support for over 50+ international shipping carriers. Just enter your tracking number and we automate the rest.
We released a beautiful new email composition window along with some new emailing features inside SalesBinder. More info here:
Network Status:
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