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New: Beautifully Rebuilt Financial Report with Trends

July 08, 2022

We just rolled out our newly redesigned Financial Report which includes a lot of great new features and improvements. It's available now for all SalesBinder accounts.

Financial Trends

Financial Report preview

We now offer trending data in the financial report so you can quickly see if your numbers are trending up or down in comparison to the previous reporting period that you selected. You can also mouseover any trend to see the previous period's totals. If you would rather not include the new trending data in your report, you can also uncheck it in the reporting options sidebar.

Historical Inventory Valuation

Selecting a historical date for your financial report will now include the historical inventory valuation for the end-date in your selected date range. This means you can now go back in time to see what your entire inventory's valuation was on any given point in time.

Other Improvements

Not only was this new report completely redesigned to be easier to read, you can also apply an inventory category filter, and save your customized report as a PDF file to share. We've also improved the loading reliabiltiy for larger data sets so no matter how much data you have, the report will typically load within a few seconds with subsequent reloads being instantaneous.

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Software Updates

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– Our new Low Stock Report is a huge upgrade. Not only is it way more customizable, you can also finally create purchase orders directly from the report! πŸ”₯
– Happy Holidays to all our amazing SalesBinder users around the globe! Although many businesses are closed this week, we’re still here to help if you need anything at all.
– New Integration: WooCommerce Inventory & Orders Syncing! This is a big one πŸŽ‰
– New Reports Added: Sales Commission Report & a completely redesigned Financial Report.
– New Settings Option Added: Under Settings >> Documents >> General Settings: "Display sales person's contact information on sales documents".
– New: User Management & Expanded User Permissions. Check out the details here:
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