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New: Sales Commission Report

August 26, 2022

Today we're rolling out another new report for automatically calculating sales commissions for your sales people.
Commissions Paid

Until now, if you wanted to figure out what commissions should be paid out to your sales people for a given period of time, it would require some manual math to be done based on how your payouts are calculated – which is slow and prone to miscalculations. We can automate this entire process now and support a couple different ways of doing it.

Sales commissions can be calculated based on:

  1. All financial transactions for a given period of time
    This method will calculate the total amount of money paid towards invoices associated with each sales person. It can be customized to generate the report using any date range you would like, with any commission rate percentage you want to see calculated. This also takes into account any refunds that were given along with any credit notes that were applied.
  2. All fully paid invoices for a given period of time
    This method is quite different from the one above. This will calculate the total revenue associated to each sales person, which has been paid in full during the selected date range of your choice. This means if an invoice has been partially paid, that revenue is not included in the report until that particular invoice has been fully paid (so no commission is paid on partially paid invoices). You can use any commission rate percentage using this option as well to see the total commissions automatically calculated. This will also take into account any refunds that were given along with any credit notes that were applied.

Sales Commissions Report

View a breakdown for each user's sales commissions

It's one thing to automatically calculate your organization's sales commissions, but it's another to actually see how it's getting those numbers. You can click on each sales person to view a detailed breakdown on what is being included in that person's commission totals. You can even click on a specific transaction to view the invoice it was applied to.

In addition to this, you can save the entire sales commission report as well as an individual user's commission details as csv spreadsheet files.

How is this different than the Sales Person Report?

The main difference between this new report and the existing sales person report is that the data used in this report is based on actual received payments and refunds, which means your organization has been paid and you can payout your commissions. The sales person report shows you how much revenue has been sold by each sales person (invoiced sales regardless of being paid or not).

This new report is available now and can be found under the "Reports" heading under the left navigation menu. We think this new tool will be a huge time saver for a lot of our users calculating commissions regularly.

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