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Updates: iOS app, WooCommerce, and new Settings

June 30, 2018 It’s summer time over here and we’re excited to announce some hot new improvements to SalesBinder which we think will be useful for a lot of our users.
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New Updates and Big Improvements

April 11, 2018 Over the past couple of months our team has been focused on making significant improvements to SalesBinder’s core functions and we’ve successfully released many behind the scenes updates with some great new features coming soon as well!
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New Data Centers for a New Year!

January 09, 2018 We’re excited to bring on the new year with a brand new foundation consisting of new software, hardware, and data centers which now provides us with endless new possibilities.
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Latest Software Updates and Enhancements

November 01, 2017 Our team has been working tirelessly on a lot of great new things here at SalesBinder so it’s time for another update to fill you in!
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Announcing: Zapier Integration

August 15, 2017 We’re excited to announce our official integration and partnership with Zapier, one of the web’s most popular and fastest growing automation systems.
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Announcing: SalesBinder v2.0

June 07, 2017 We’ve been working hard for many months on an entirely new backend for SalesBinder and we’re pleased to announce it’s slowly being rolled out in small phases starting now.
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Latest Updates on all Things SalesBinder

April 11, 2017 Our team has been busy working on many new features and improvements to SalesBinder. Here’s the latest on what’s new
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Announcing: Xero Accounting Integration

February 21, 2017 We’re excited to announce our official integration and partnership with Xero Accounting, one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing cloud accounting systems.
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Software Updates

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New Reports Added: Sales Commission Report & a completely redesigned Financial Report.
New Settings Option Added: Under Settings >> Documents >> General Settings: "Display sales person's contact information on sales documents".
New: User Management & Expanded User Permissions. Check out the details here:
New: Email your customers their shipping information and latest updates.
New in SalesBinder: Live shipment tracking built directly into your shipped packing lists – with support for over 50+ international shipping carriers. Just enter your tracking number and we automate the rest.
We released a beautiful new email composition window along with some new emailing features inside SalesBinder. More info here:
Network Status:
100% Global Availability