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February 06, 2020

We’re pleased to announce a ton of newly released updates over these past few months. Here’s the most significant points worth mentioning:

New Inventory List Filter: Only Items In Stock

We’ve had many requests from our users for specifically having the ability to only see inventory that is currently in stock (hiding items that are out of stock). We added this new filter as a simple new checkbox which can also be used in combination with the other filters, as well as carries through when doing an inventory list export.

Improved User Password Assistance

We were surprised by how often our users had been using the password recovery tool for resetting their forgotten passwords. We wanted to improve this process to make resetting your password more reliable and even more secure. The result is a new password recovery tool which generates a reset link sent via email that doesn’t reset the password until the link in your inbox has been clicked. This reset link expires and can only be used once.

New Sales People Report

We built a powerful new report for generating a list of sales revenue from your sales people. With 7 useful reporting options, you can customize this report in countless ways. You can compare overall sales revenue between your sales people, review who the biggest customers were for each sales person, tally up who sold the most in each of your locations, and a lot more. You can also export this report as a CSV spreadsheet for further analyzing the results.

New Documents Archiving Tool

With the addition of this new tool, you can now batch archive your invoices, estimates, and purchase orders in a couple of clicks – freeing up records and decluttering your lists. You simply select how far back you want to keep your data (minimum of 2 years), review a preview of how much data will be archived, then initiate it. We’ll archive those records so they’re no longer in the usual lists, but you can still access them from their respective archived lists as well as unarchive them if you ever need to change them in the future.

API Rate Limiting Changes

Our network team has been doing some really great work keeping all our services running extremely quick and snappy, even as we continue to grow at a rapid pace. As with any popular API, there’s going to be some users that abuse the service – either accidentally with broken infinitely looping scripts, or purposefully to attempt to degrade the quality of service we’re providing. To ensure no single user can abuse the network, we’ve implemented some new API rate limits as follows:

  • 60 requests per 1 minute, Block for 1 minute if exceeded
  • 18 requests per 10 seconds, Block for 1 minute if exceeded

This should not affect any regular integration or anyone using our services normally. It will however, block any API endpoint that exceeds these generous limits. If these limits are constantly exceeded there will be a permanent block put in place until we’re contacted and asked to remove it. These limits will ensure our API continues to be fast and reliable for all our users.

We’ve got a lot more exciting new features to announce soon so definitely check back in soon to hear all about it!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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