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SalesBinder: Year In Review

January 04, 2021

Happy New Year! 🥳

Just like everyone, we’re excited to start this new year and look forward to getting some normalcy back into our daily lives as we get further into 2021. This past year we’ve all had to adapt to new work environments – typically working from home, while trying to stay safe, healthy, and hopefully productive.

We’re really pleased with how smoothly we were able to transition to this new normal and we’re especially proud of all the accomplishments we were still able to make throughout the year despite the additional challenges we all faced.

Here’s some key points for SalesBinder in 2020:


Our users invoiced their customers using SalesBinder to the staggering sum of $1.2 Billion USD in 2020. Since our users are operating in 130+ countries around the globe with many different currencies, this number is difficult to calculate accurately. We built a tool which pulls daily exchange rates for all currencies around the world, applies the appropriate exchange rate to each accounts’ daily revenue, then repeats this tally every day, for every active account, for the entire year while filtering out any anomalies.

We’re proud to report SalesBinder’s own subscription revenue grew another 24.5% in 2020. Although it’s not exponential, it’s right in line with our aggressive linear growth goals as we approach our 10 year anniversary.

Software Updates:

  • Sales Orders
    An entirely new sales document used to reserve inventory and invoice/ship portions of the order when ready.
  • Automatic Kitting & Bundling
    Now you can store all the pieces of inventory in a disassembled state, and have SalesBinder automatically assemble kitted items when they’re sold (by using up the quantities each assembled kitted unit requires.
  • Real-time Syncing into Integrations
    We now provide a real-time visualization of your data syncing into your active integrations directly from your list views (invoice list, purchase order list, customer list, etc).
  • Intelligent Caching for instant page loads
    We have a new high performance caching engine which serves up frequently accessed, data intensive page views instantaneously, while ensuring you’re viewing the latest changes to your data.
  • Document Archiving past years’ data
    You can now batch archive your invoices, estimates, and purchase orders from a specific date going backwards (ie. archive anything older than 2 years).
  • New Inventory Item Details view
    We redesigned and built a new inventory item view page, which includes new graphs, additional statistics, better filtering for multi-location items, as well as a new image gallery for viewing high resolution photos of your item.
  • New forgotten password recovery & reset system
    A new updated tool for emailing yourself a password reset link for when you forget your password. Additional security features were also added.
  • Improved Inventory Finder Window for intelligently auto-selecting correct locations
    When you have multiple locations setup in SalesBinder, you’ll now be able to add inventory items into your orders with less click (bypassing the old “select a variation” step).
  • Filter Inventory List by only In-Stock Items
    Hide inventory items that are not in stock for a more concise list.
  • New Sales People report
    Generate a sales report based on each sales person in your SalesBinder account.
  • Improved “Restrictive Purchase Orders” option
    POs can be limited to only adding items into it which are supplied by the PO’s supplier.
  • API Rate Limiting
    Added to protect application servers and better handle accidental or purposeful malicious scripts from abusing our network.
  • Integration synchronization daily limits
    Another layer of protection for our API and integration partners.
  • Enormous performance improvements (up to 20x faster)
    Optimized databases and queries to execute CPU intensive tasks by up to 20x.
  • Network and Database infrastructure scalability improvements
    New technologies implemented for faster, easier future scalability.
  • View additional Inventory Quantity details on mouseover
    You can now see a breakdown for quantities on hand, quantities reserved, and quantities available throughout the system.
  • Higher resolution photos
    Added support for retina display (@2x ppi) and 4x print quality in PDF files.
  • Intelligently update inventory item’s historical data when converted from single location quantity to multi-location quantities
    This uses a basic form of artificial intelligence to update past orders’ line-item data when future data is changed – which could have potentially caused conflicts with older data.
  • Improved design responsiveness (better mobile phone UI improvements)
    Small screens are now even more optimized for using SalesBinder on the go.
  • Language Translations implemented in 90% of system
    Updated languages: Spanish, French, Danish, Filipino.
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