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  • Dev Team
    Jul 3, 2024 New Feature

    Starting today, you can email your customer’s billing statements as a PDF attachment directly from the report. Additionally, you can apply a date range filter and email the specified version of the statement.

  • Dev Team
    May 9, 2024 New Feature

    Manage your Numbering Sequences for all different types of records. For example, you're now able to choose what the next auto-incrementing invoice number will be, or customer number, or PO number, along with many other types of records. Just go to Settings >> Account Setup >> Numbering Sequences and start adjusting your sequences however you like.

  • Dev Team
    May 1, 2024 New Feature

    Custom Fields are available everywhere now! You're now able to setup extra fields for all your different record types (such as customers, invoices, POs, etc) and customize how you want them displayed. We've always had custom fields for inventory, but we've now expanded this for many more more types of records. To get started, just go to your Settings >> Custom Fields.

  • Dev Team
    Apr 12, 2024 New Feature

    Starting today, you're now able to enter and track your own payments for your supplier/vendor purchase orders. If you enable this new feature, we also offer a convenient one-time batch update option, which will automatically mark existing "received" POs as paid in full to save you time from updating historical POs.

  • Dev Team
    Mar 14, 2024 New Feature

    We just released a new report for reviewing the deleted records log in your account. You can see who deleted each record, a preview of what was in that record, and even apply filters then search through them. If you have administrative privileges you can view this now by going to Reports --> Deleted Records.

  • Dev Team
    Jan 25, 2024 Improvement

    When exporting your inventory data as csv spreadsheet files, we added the "Incoming Units" column so you can now compare incoming units with your other quantities and have the complete picture. Incoming units are a real-time tally of how much stock has been ordered through your purchase orders but not yet received.

  • Dev Team
    Dec 14, 2023 New Feature

    We're pleased to introduce time-based access controls, allowing SalesBinder administrators to restrict user access to their accounts based on the time of day. For example, you can now limit user access to only business hours, such as 9am to 5pm based on your account's timezone. Just go to Settings >> Manage Users and find the new Time-Based Access options.

  • Dev Team
    Dec 7, 2023 Changes

    We implemented new email sending limits on free accounts (and free-trials) due to some new and highly sophisticated email spamming techniques. The daily sending limit for free accounts is 15, whereas our paid plans are still unlimited. This ensures our global email sending reputation remains high, while also ensuring your sent emails maintain their highest deliverability rates.

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