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We're always updating our software with new features & improvements. Check back frequently to stay up-to-date.

Data Center Expansion

April 16, 2021 We recently expanded our network capabilities by adding another data center on the opposite coast from our primary location. SalesBinder now has 2 primary North American data centers that work together, located on both the east and west coast. This adds a lot more redundancy to our web services with the added benefit of speeding up page loads with lower latency for a lot of our users closer to the west coast and abroad.

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SalesBinder: Year In Review

January 04, 2021 Just like everyone, we’re excited to start this new year and look forward to getting some normalcy back into our daily lives as we get further into 2021. This past year we’ve all had to adapt to new work environments – typically working from home, while trying to stay safe, healthy, and hopefully productive.

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Big Update: New Features & Improvements

October 16, 2020 It’s been a long time coming, but we’re extremely excited to share details on our latest big update released this month. It focuses on new features, performance & scalability improvements, as well as refinements to our overall design.

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New: Automatic Assembling of Kits & Bundles

March 03, 2020 Today we’re excited to be releasing a big new feature update for our Kitting/Bundling/Manufacturing capabilities, called Automatic Assembling.

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New Features, Improvements, and Updates

February 06, 2020 We’re pleased to announce a ton of newly released updates over these past few months. Here’s the most significant points worth mentioning:

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New: Kitting / Bundling / Manufacturing

September 24, 2019 Today we’re thrilled to announce the addition of Kitting and Bundling. This powerful new feature enables you to use existing inventory to create new assembled products.

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Mobile Device Design Optimizations

June 17, 2019 We’re really proud to share our completely redesigned layout for SalesBinder on smaller screens. You’ll notice SalesBinder now looks amazing on any sized screen. From the smallest sized mobile phone to the largest desktop sized monitors, you can now manage your inventory, sales, purchases, and everything else with the most intuitive design possible.

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New: Stock Transfers With Shipment Tracking

April 08, 2019 Today we’re announcing a brand new feature in SalesBinder for doing inventory stock transfers. Although we have always supported basic transferring of stock, we’ve created an entirely new document for bulk transferring goods from one location to another.

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Software Updates

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New: Email your customers their shipping information and latest updates.
New in SalesBinder: Live shipment tracking built directly into your shipped packing lists – with support for over 50+ international shipping carriers. Just enter your tracking number and we automate the rest.
We released a beautiful new email composition window along with some new emailing features inside SalesBinder. More info here:
If you haven’t checked out our beautiful new website, now is your chance! 😍
“I want commend you and Salesbinder for always being open to customer comments/queries, and providing constructive feedback in every communication. Thank you!” – You’re very welcome Portia, you just made our day :)
We’ve made it easier to login if you’ve forgotten your account’s web address (subdomain). If you click on the Login link from our website, or simply go to, you can find your account by entering in your email address so there’s no confusion.
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