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Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) Now Available

February 24, 2023

We're excited to announce the addition of a new security feature, Two-Factor Authorization (2FA). This feature is now available to all SalesBinder users and aims to provide an extra layer of security to the software, making it even more secure for businesses to manage their inventory and customer data.
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Two-Factor Authorization, also known as 2FA, is a security process that requires users to provide two forms of authentication before accessing their accounts. Typically, this involves a password and a unique code generated on your phone via an authorization app. By adding this additional layer of security, SalesBinder users can be assured that their accounts are much less susceptible to unauthorized access.

Using Two-Factor Authorization is highly recommended for businesses of all sizes, especially those that manage sensitive data. We've made it really easy to setup, simply navigate to your Profile page and follow the on-screen instructions to enable 2FA for your account. Once activated, you'll be prompted to enter a unique code in addition to your password each time you login to your account.

We highly recommend all SalesBinder users to enable Two-Factor Authorization and make their accounts more secure starting today.

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Brodie Kokoska

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– In case you missed it, we've been on a roll lately! We recently released a ton of new features for better managing incoming (backordered) stock. In addition to this, today we're also pleased to share that we now support Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users.
– Our new Low Stock Report is a huge upgrade. Not only is it way more customizable, you can also finally create purchase orders directly from the report! πŸ”₯
– Happy Holidays to all our amazing SalesBinder users around the globe! Although many businesses are closed this week, we’re still here to help if you need anything at all.
– New Integration: WooCommerce Inventory & Orders Syncing! This is a big one πŸŽ‰
– New Reports Added: Sales Commission Report & a completely redesigned Financial Report.
– New Settings Option Added: Under Settings >> Documents >> General Settings: "Display sales person's contact information on sales documents".
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