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New Features for Incoming (backordered) Units

February 21, 2023

This past month we released a handful of software updates that includes a lot of new features and improvements relating to incoming stock (backordered units). Here's an outline of the biggest highlights.

Incoming units are now shown everywhere

Incoming quantity

We made some big architectural changes behind the scenes to efficiently keep track of all incoming inventory units. These new change have now enabled us to display incoming units throughout the system in all situations where it's useful to know if more stock is already ordered and on the way.

The criteria for determining if more stock is incoming is based on your existing purchase orders. As soon as you mark a PO as "sent", we'll consider the inventory in that PO as incoming until the units are marked as received.

View incoming units when creating new orders

While creating new orders (purchase orders, invoices, sales orders, estimates), you can now easily see if any items have more stock ordered and on the way. This enables you to better understand how much stock you'll truly have in the future so you can make better buying and selling decisions.

Incoming - Add Item

Review incoming units for each individual location

We're also pleased to now be able to show you the total incoming units for each individual location of each individual inventory item so if you're managing stock in many different locations, you'll now have a much better understanding of what is already ordered to be replenished.

Incoming Units for variations

Low Stock report now takes incoming units into consideration

When you use our newly updated Low Stock report, the calculations it automatically makes for you will now take into consideration any incoming quantities so you don't need to worry about over-buying more stock when it's already been ordered.

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– In case you missed it, we've been on a roll lately! We recently released a ton of new features for better managing incoming (backordered) stock. In addition to this, today we're also pleased to share that we now support Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users.
– Our new Low Stock Report is a huge upgrade. Not only is it way more customizable, you can also finally create purchase orders directly from the report! πŸ”₯
– Happy Holidays to all our amazing SalesBinder users around the globe! Although many businesses are closed this week, we’re still here to help if you need anything at all.
– New Integration: WooCommerce Inventory & Orders Syncing! This is a big one πŸŽ‰
– New Reports Added: Sales Commission Report & a completely redesigned Financial Report.
– New Settings Option Added: Under Settings >> Documents >> General Settings: "Display sales person's contact information on sales documents".
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