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Upgraded: Inventory Quantity Ledger

January 09, 2023

We're excited to share some technical details on a successfully completed upgrade to our inventory quantity ledger. These latest upgrades include a complete rewrite of code and a migration of all ledger data into a new software stack that provides enormous improvements across the board.

A refresher: What is the quantity ledger?

Quantity Ledger

The quantity ledger tracks every single movement in inventory stock. Whether your inventory quantity changes because it’s been sold in an invoice, replenished in a PO, transferred to a different location, or had a manual quantity adjustment done – SalesBinder tracks every possible way your inventory quantities change.

Completely independent infrastructure

Our new quantity ledger is now powered by a completely independent system to ensure the highest level of confidence when reviewing your inventory quantities. Keeping our core infrastructure separate from the quantity ledger provides an extra layer of redundancy when tracking your historical inventory quantities.

Huge performance improvements

Utilizing a different database architecture that's optimized for extremely large datasets, we're now seeing instantaneous quantity ledger page loads no matter how large each inventory items' quantity ledger is. In some rare examples of the most active inventory items, we're seeing an over 5x performance improvement.

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