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QuickBooks Integration Improvements

August 30, 2023

We recently introduced some new features and improvements to our long running QuickBooks Online integration and we’re pleased to share details on all the changes.
  • Viewing an invoice inside SalesBinder will now display a synced icon next to the payment line-item, when payments/refunds have been successfully synced through to QBO
Payments Report Syncing
  • When reviewing your Payments Report (with our QuickBooks integration enabled), you’ll now see a “synced” column which clearly shows if a payment has successfully synced through to QBO. If it has not, it will either explain why it wasn’t supposed to sync, or offer an option to resync it.
  • The integrations log will now store your syncing history for twice as long, so you can review your last 48 hours of syncing history anytime you like.
  • Deleting an invoice in SalesBinder will continue to sync and remove that invoice from your QuickBooks account, but now if it’s not able to do so, this will be logged in the integrations explaining that now as well.
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