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Spring Time Update

May 03, 2016 It’s time for another update on all things related to SalesBinder! Our development team has been hard at work on a lot of new and exciting features that are getting closer to being released.
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Introducing our WooCommerce Integration

February 26, 2016 We’re pleased to announced the release of our official WooCommerce integration, the world’s most popular eCommerce shopping cart platform.
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Happy New Year to you and your inventory!

January 01, 2016 Looking back to last year, SalesBinder had another stellar annual performance. SalesBinder usage and revenue continued to grow month after month at an accelerating rate while we released many useful new features and improvements along the way.
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New Features and Improvements

November 05, 2015 We’re pleased to share details about many new improvements and features released in SalesBinder over this past month. Here’s what’s new
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Introducing Our Integrations Framework

October 09, 2015 We’re pleased to announce the completion of our powerful integrations framework which now enables us to seamlessly integrate SalesBinder with many 3rd party services.
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More Enhancements & New Features

July 15, 2015 We’re pleased to announce many new improvements and features released in SalesBinder over this past month. Here’s what’s new
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New Improvements and Updates

May 06, 2015 As always, our team has continued to develop new features and improvements to SalesBinder based on all the great feedback we’ve been receiving.
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New: Full Barcode Scanner Support

April 07, 2015 We’re really excited to announce the immediate availability of full barcode scanning support for SalesBinder.
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Software Updates

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New Settings Option Added: Under Settings >> Documents >> General Settings: "Display sales person's contact information on sales documents".
New: User Management & Expanded User Permissions. Check out the details here:
New: Email your customers their shipping information and latest updates.
New in SalesBinder: Live shipment tracking built directly into your shipped packing lists – with support for over 50+ international shipping carriers. Just enter your tracking number and we automate the rest.
We released a beautiful new email composition window along with some new emailing features inside SalesBinder. More info here:
If you haven’t checked out our beautiful new website, now is your chance! 😍
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