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Announcing: SalesBinder v2.0

June 07, 2017

We’ve been working hard for many months on an entirely new backend for SalesBinder and we’re pleased to announce it’s slowly being rolled out in small phases starting now. Initially our goal is to update all our most commonly used core services with the new version 2.0, while making it unnoticeable to our end users (except for an impressive speed increase).

What to Expect:

Performance Improvements

Taking advantage of the latest web technologies we’re able to improve what’s already an extremely fast web app and reduce page load times by an impressive 4x. As a SalesBinder user, you’ve probably already noticed this in the Customer List, Prospect List, Supplier List, and Inventory List pages. We’ll be rolling this out to the remainder of the web app over the coming weeks.

Faster, More Reliable Saving of Large Data Sets

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing version 2.0 for your most common areas where you make large changes to data – such as creating/editing an invoice. Currently when saving extremely large invoices (based on hundreds of different line-items), it can take a little while to save and process those changes system wide. This is largely due to the sheer scale of data that needs to be processed after executing that action. The system needs to validate your data, update your inventory stock levels for the items sold, update all the items’ activity feeds to reflect the changes, then send email notifications for any stock that has dropped below it’s low quantity threshold – plus many other behind the scenes processes. We’re pleased that our new version 2.0 will be able to handle this instantly (while processing some of those updates in the background) and is capable of saving thousands of line-items at the same time (should you ever need an invoice that large).

Many New Integrations

With our new version 2.0 we’re now able to build integrations to many more great 3rd party services a lot faster. Over the coming few months you should expect to see a large number of new integrations released – extending SalesBinder’s feature set even further.

User Interface and Design

Although our primary objective for version 2.0 is backend (behind the scenes) related, you can also expect to see some user interface improvements based on some great feedback we’ve been receiving from our amazing customer base.

You can expect to see more specific announcements on these big updates as more and more of version 2.0 is released. We’re sure you’re going to appreciate the many big improvements coming soon as well as the many we’ve already released as part of the first phase of our version 2.0 rollout.

– The SalesBinder Team –

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