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April 11, 2017

Our team has been busy working on many new features and improvements to SalesBinder. Here’s the latest on what’s new:

Entirely Upgraded Backend Architecture

This update is something that you can’t see but was an enormous task for our team and provides a solid foundation for new things coming down our development roadmap. We’re pleased to announce that we successfully upgraded our entire network of application servers, which are now running on newer faster hardware, and newer faster software. This rollout was successfully executed without requiring any downtime.

Ability to add “Service Items” to Purchase Orders

We received some great feedback from our users regarding wanting the ability to add “service items” to their PO’s so they could more accurately handle situations where generic additional costs were associated to the PO (other than tangible goods). You’ll find this new feature right where you’d expect it, on the create (or edit) PO view, similar to adding service items to invoices.

Custom Sorting Options for the Print Friendly Inventory List

We’ve updated the print friendly inventory list to reflect the order you see in your regular inventory list view by default, however we’ve also added new sorting options. For example you can now generate this list and order it by name (alphabetically), lowest price, highest price, and item numbers.

Higher Resolution Images are now Displayed

Viewing inventory images within your SalesBinder account will now appear much more clear and sharp – especially if you’re using a hi-dpi (retina) screen. The sharper, higher resolution photos are also used in your Print Friendly Inventory List so they’ll print a lot nicer as well.

SalesBinder for iOS App Updates

We recently released a big new update to our iOS app in the AppStore which includes a huge performance boost in syncing your data (up to 5x faster). We also now display a nice thumbnail image on your inventory list view. There’s a lot of other improvements with another big update being submitted to Apple very soon.

We hope you’ll find these new features and improvements useful and we’d love to hear what you think!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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