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Announcing: Xero Accounting Integration

February 21, 2017

We’re excited to announce our official integration and partnership with Xero Accounting, one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing cloud accounting systems.

Integrating with Xero:

SalesBinder now fully integrates with Xero, providing real-time synchronization of your invoices, purchase orders, customers, suppliers/vendors, as well as transactions such as payments, refunds, and discounts.

Once your Xero integration is setup and enabled, anything you do from that point forward will automatically and seamlessly sync into Xero.

Focusing on your business while keeping your accountant happy has never been easier!

Getting Started:

While logged into your SalesBinder account, simply go to the “Settings” area, which requires administrative user permissions (top right corner of your screen). From there simply click on the “Manage Integrations” link and connect to your Xero account.

For more information on how the Xero integration works, check out the following resources below:

An overview on how the Xero integration works with your data:

Detailed instructions on how to setup and activate the Xero integration:

Other integrations and add-ons that work with SalesBinder:

– The SalesBinder Team –

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