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January 31, 2017

Today we have released an update to SalesBinder that includes some really great new features and improvements that have been highly requested by our amazing customer base. Here’s what’s new:

Exact Match Searching

We’ve added a new option to the live inventory search function so you can now search for specific exact matches instead of the default wildcard keyword results that have always been returned. Simply use the new dropdown menu beside the search field and start getting exact match results instead. This is particularly useful when searching for SKU’s, ID numbers, custom field values, and even the item’s name if there’s other ones that are similarly named.

Default User Locations

You’re now able to set a specific location as your default location for each user account. This is particularly useful for when users often only need to reference inventory in their own location. When a user has a default location set, SalesBinder will only display inventory related data from that location by default. The user can still select a different location if needed, but will no longer have to continuously select their own location each time they view the inventory list, or go to add inventory items into an order. You can set this option under your “Profile” area, or if you’re an administrator you can update your user’s default location by going into the “Settings” area and clicking on their name.

Create Drop Shipped PO’s from Drop Shipped Invoices

We’ve improved the process of creating a drop shipped purchase order from an existing invoice that is also drop shipped. SalesBinder is now smart enough to know if the invoice was for a drop shipped order and if so, have the corresponding PO created as a drop shipped PO for your supplier to directly ship to your customer. To create a drop shipped PO from a drop shipped invoice, simply view the invoice and click on “Options” >> “Create PO from Invoice”.

You’ll also notice improvements where we’ve made it clearer to see which orders are drop shipped or not as well as a handy link to view the associated invoice for where the purchase order originated from.

We hope you’ll find these new features and improvements useful and we’d love to hear what you think!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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