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Announcing: Zapier Integration

August 15, 2017

We’re excited to announce our official integration and partnership with Zapier, one of the web’s most popular and fastest growing automation systems.

Integrating with Zapier:

SalesBinder now fully integrates with Zapier, providing real-time automation with over 750+ popular web services.

Connect your SalesBinder account with Zapier and create custom automations/workflows (called Zaps), which comprise of a “trigger” and one or more “actions”.

Here’s a few randomly selected examples:

  • Invoice Email Alert:
    Trigger: Newly saved invoice in SalesBinder.
    Action: Send me an email with the details of this newly saved invoice.
  • Newsletter Subscribers to SalesBinder Contacts:
    Trigger: New subscriber added to newsletter mailing list (such as MailChimp).
    Action: Add this new subscriber into my Address Book in SalesBinder (or vice versa).
  • Newly Added Inventory Posted to Facebook with Photo:
    Trigger: Add new inventory item in SalesBinder.
    Action: Post new item to Facebook Timeline with photo and details.
  • SalesBinder Purchase Orders into Google Spreadsheet:
    Trigger: Newly saved PO in SalesBinder.
    Action: Save PO line-items into a Google Spreadsheet.
  • E-Commerce Website Orders into SalesBinder as new Invoices:
    Trigger: New paid order in Shopify online store.
    Action: Save order into SalesBinder as an invoice.
  • Generate Shipping Labels from SalesBinder Invoices:
    Trigger: Save new invoice in SalesBinder.
    Action: Generate ShipStation order (shipping label) from SalesBinder Invoice.

With over 750+ services connected to Zapier for automating tasks, the possibilities are endless. Connecting SalesBinder to other web services has never been easier!

Getting Started:

While logged into your SalesBinder account, simply go to the “Settings” area, which requires administrative user permissions (top right corner of your screen). From there simply click on the “Manage Integrations” link and follow the instructions for connecting Zapier to your SalesBinder account.

For more information on how the Zapier integration works, check out the following resources below:

An overview on how the Zapier integration works with your data:

Other integrations and add-ons that work with SalesBinder:

Please note that our Zapier integration is labeled as a “beta” on Zapier’s website until enough users start using it. You’ll temporarily need to follow the instructions on how to connect to our beta here.

We’re really excited about this new integration and would love to hear about all the creative ways you plan to use this. If you have any questions, suggestions, or issues, definitely let us know by visiting the Contact Us page.

– The SalesBinder Team –

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