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November 01, 2017

Our team has been working tirelessly on a lot of great new things here at SalesBinder so it’s time for another update to fill you in!

What’s New:

Continued Performance Improvements

With the continued phased rollout of version 2.0 of our platform, we’re seeing enormous gains in performance across the board. SalesBinder has always been extremely quick and snappy to use but it’s getting even faster! We’ve successfully released this in areas that are most commonly used, with many other new and existing features being released on the new platform every week. Our next big update here will be focused on the creation and editing of orders to make things faster and easier to use.

A Completely New Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Over the past month we’ve undertaken an enormous task of migrating all of our users’ inventory photos from all around the globe to a new and improved CDN. This new network allows for more control of user files and sets the foundation for us to start offering file storage services within SalesBinder. We have plans to offer a set amount of storage space for each account and release some new file uploading/attachment related features in the new year.

Zapier Integration

With our release of the Zapier integration earlier this year, we’re seeing a lot of great use cases from our users. Things such as automating email notifications based on certain actions happening in SalesBinder, syncing of customer information with 3rd party CRM systems, integrations with POS systems, and whole lot of other unique fun things. We’ll be expanding the actions and hooks to support many more things, such as account notes and invoice transactions. Our official Zapier App should be exiting the beta stage and become public very soon.

iPhone App Updates

Our iOS app for iPhone has had some big behind the scenes updates recently. We’ve also prepared it to be fully compatible with Apple’s new iPhone X. Our next major update will be released this month and include the ability to add/edit/delete your orders (invoices, estimates, and purchase orders). Keep an eye out for this big release in the AppStore.

With a lot of long term big new features coming into the home stretch, expect to hear many more big updates from us soon!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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