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New Data Centers for a New Year!

January 09, 2018

Happy 2018! We’re excited to bring on the new year with a brand new foundation consisting of new software, hardware, and data centers which now provides us with endless new possibilities. Here’s the latest:

SalesBinder Services Migrated to new Data Centers.

Earlier in 2017 our team made the big decision to migrate SalesBinder to a new industry leading cloud provider for many reasons (performance, scalability, machine learning, security, future-proofing, etc).

Migrating all of SalesBinder’s software and services to new data centers was an enormous undertaking and would take many months of preparation. We had to meticulously plan everything out, and execute it in a well choreographed manner to ensure our users could maintain access to all of their data while the transition was happening – temporarily suspending services was not an option. To put things simply, this would be similar to (virtually) swapping out the engine in your vehicle while driving down the freeway without stopping and doing your best not to crash.

We’re extremely pleased with how the migration went and relieved that’s it’s been successfully completed. We’re now able to get back to releasing many new innovative features and improvements at a much faster pace and we’re excited to start pushing out the first batch of new features very soon!

Improved Exporting of Large CSV Files

We recently rewrote our exporting scripts to take advantage of our new v2.0 platform while keeping performance and optimizations in mind. Some of our users have grown vastly large databases of inventory and sales activities over the years, which has proven to be a challenge for our system to export on demand. This is part one of two for improving this area. Our latest updates have improved exporting performance by an estimated factor of 7x. Phase two of this update (which is in development) will provide an option to generate a downloadable Zip file instead, which will allow our servers to process your request in the background and after a few minutes notify you of a link to download a compressed CSV file.

New API Features: Searching & Posting Payments

We’ve updated our API v2.0 and added a few new features. The most requested feature we released is related to searching through your records. You can now perform a broad (wildcard) search or an exact match search as well as search through many fields or specify a specific field to only search through. We’ve also added a new endpoint called “transactions” which supports posting payments (and refunds) to your existing invoices through the API. For more information on our API, please check out our updated documentation here:

iOS App Updates: Version 2.0 Released

Our iOS app for the iPhone has gone through some great updates recently. You’re now able to create, edit, and delete your invoices and estimates directly from the App. On top of that we’ve included support for the gorgeous new iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8+. There’s been many other great new features and improvements so if you’re using our app we highly recommend ensuring it’s been updated to the latest version by checking your App Store for updates.

We hope you’ll find these new features and improvements useful and we’d love to hear what you think!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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