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November 28, 2014

Today we’re pleased to announce some new improvements we’ve made to SalesBinder along with the launch of our new Integrations & Add-ons portal.

Integrations & Add-ons:

We’ve been working hard towards expanding SalesBinder’s reach into other 3rd party systems using our awesome API. These technical tools expand what SalesBinder can do and how you use your data. Upon our initial launch we’ve included 3 official tools for integrating your inventory data directly in your website.

  1. Shopp: This is a full-featured e-commerce shopping cart system that plugs directly into WordPress websites. Using our custom made plugin for Shopp, you can have all your inventory data automatically sync into your website. When your customers process an order, it automatically gets sent into your SalesBinder account along with all their customer information.
  2. WordPress: This is a very flexible plugin we made for the simple purpose of displaying and synchronizing your inventory data with your new (or existing) WordPress site.
  3. PHP Script: We also built a custom PHP script that is extremely easy to setup and use. After setting up this script, you can display your inventory data directly into any website.

You can find more information about these integrations by checking out our new Integrations portal. We’ll be releasing many new and exciting integrations as quick as we can.

New Updates & Improvements

  • New: Assign Account Managers (SalesBinder users) to specific customers, prospects and suppliers – then optionally restrict their user permissions to only viewing the accounts that they manage
  • When orders come into SalesBinder from 3rd party software (using our API), you can now decide which warehouse location you’d like to pull the ordered goods from
  • Manually adjusting inventory quantities is now logged so you can see who adjusted it, what was changed, and what it was changed from
  • Significant improvements were made to managing Locations (performance gains and better handling of deleted locations)
  • New and less intrusive status alert messages that automatically hide

We have a lot of exciting things in the works and we can’t wait to release them!

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