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September 02, 2014

Our team has been busy working on a lot of exciting new features and improvements for SalesBinder and we’d like to outline some of our latest and greatest changes:

Sold Inventory Items Report:

We completely redesigned the sold items report to be more powerful. It now tallies the total quantities and net revenue for each item in your inventory and sorts it by most sold to least sold. We’ve also included a beautiful pie chart for visually seeing which categories of inventory are generating the most revenue.

You can filter these reports by a specific date range, by a specific customer account, as well as a specific category of inventory.

Smarter Filters and Exporting:

We’ve enhanced our already useful filters throughout SalesBinder to be even better than ever. Now whenever you apply a filter to any of your lists (customers, inventory, invoices, etc) they’ll be remembered for the next time you come back to that section.

On top of this, if you’re one of the many users that likes to regularly export your data as CSV files, these filters are also now applied to the exported data.

New Options for Displaying Inventory Photos:

We’ve introduced some new options which gives you more flexibility on how you display your Purchase Orders, Estimates, and Invoices. You can now toggle on/off displaying inventory item photos for each of these sections independently. Some users like to display photos to reduce potential confusion of items and some users like to hide the photos to keep everything simple and compact – the choice is yours now!

We still have many things coming down our development pipeline and we’ll be making another announcement about something really exciting shortly!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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