Shopp: Online Shopping Cart for WordPress

What Does This Do?

Using our official Shopp + SalesBinder Plugin, you can integrate all of your inventory data (in near real-time) directly into your website and have all your internet sales automatically entered into your SalesBinder account. This plugin will automatically sync your SalesBinder data into the Shopp Plugin and place your inventory data into the “Catalog” -> “Products” section. No custom theming required.

  • Sync your SalesBinder inventory into Shopp’s Plugin in near real-time
  • Data synchronization includes, item details, photos, and even custom fields
  • Online website orders automatically save into SalesBinder as either invoices or estimates
  • Save Shopp’s customer data into SalesBinder (with built-in duplicate checking)
  • Update inventory details in SalesBinder and your website will reflect your updates within minutes


  1. Install and activate the "Shopp" Plugin
    - Downloaded here:
  2. Then install and activate the "Shopp + SalesBinder" Plugin
    - Downloaded here:
  3. Once both plugins are installed and activated:
    • In the WordPress Dashboard you will find a new 'SalesBinder' tab under "Shopp" → "Setup" → "SalesBinder"
    • Enter your Web Address, API Key, change any options if you like, and Save Changes
  4. You're done! Now visit (replace with your own domain name) and you should see your inventory start to load up.