PHP Inventory Display For Your Website

What Does This Do?

This script will pull your SalesBinder Inventory list (including Photos) and cache it on your website's hosting for an easy and fast way to present your current inventory list. By default this will display your inventory list on a new webpage, with each item clickable to view a "Details" page.

The overall formatting is left to be very basic so you can customize it to match the look and feel of your website. If you have a little web development knowledge you should be able to get this script running in no time.


  1. Download and extract the PHP Sample Script (download button above)
  2. Upload the extracted "salesbinder-php" folder to your website using your favourite FTP client
  3. Change the permission of the "api_cache" folder (CHMOD) to 0777 so it's writable
  4. Edit the configuration file by entering your web address and API key
  5. Now go to your website to view your inventory list at the directory you uploaded it as (likely:


Edit /salesbinder-php/ file

* SalesBinder Config

// Your SalesBinder web-address (ie.
$web_address = '';

// Your SalesBinder API Key (found in SalesBinder, under "Profile").
$api_key = '1234567c4411948d6f123415b489097301ac78e5';

How long you'd like to cache the data for. Cached data loads faster 
and SalesBinder monitors for over-usage of the API so it's best to
set the cache to at least 5min.
$cache_for = 30; //minutes

Developer mode will display the raw API data so you can see what 
data is available to use. Set as either true or false.	
$development_mode = false;