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Introducing Our Integrations Framework

October 09, 2015

We’re pleased to announce the completion of our powerful integrations framework which now enables us to seamlessly integrate SalesBinder with many 3rd party services.

Our First Integration

We couldn’t be more excited to now start offering a complete integration with QuickBooks Online – our most requested feature of all time! It’s a really easy 2 step process to get setup. Once connected, any time your create (or update existing) invoices, customers, payments, refunds, discounts, and inventory line-items, all that data gets synced into QBO automatically. No more worrying about doing “double data entry”!

We also make a note of the exact moment you enable the QBO integration and (by default) only sync invoices from that point moving forward, which ensures there aren’t any duplicates sent into your QBO account.

More information about our QuickBooks Online integration can be found in our Knowledge Base here:

How to Setup an Integration

Setting up an integration is fast and easy. As long as you’re an administrator for your SalesBinder account with access to the “Settings” area, you would simply go there and click on “Manage Integrations” in the left side menu. From here, you’ll be presented with all the integration services we’re currently offering. Simply click on the one you’d like to setup and start following the instructions to connect it (specific setup instructions for each integration can be found in our Knowledge Base as well).

Integrations Log

For every action you do in SalesBinder that triggers an active integration to occur, you’ll be able to review the status of those integrations by going to the Integrations Log. This will show you if the integration is queued up, running, completed, or failed. Our integrations framework is designed without any delays in syncing, however if there is a higher than normal queue volume it may take up to 1 minute to execute the queued action. If for some reason the integration action failed, you’ll be able to review what caused the error so you can hopefully correct it and retry the integration action. Our integrations log stores all your activity for the past 24 hours in real-time.

We also take specific types of integrations one more step further. For invoices and customers, we display a new column in those lists to clearly show which records have been synced and which records haven’t so you can know at a glance how things are integrated.

We’re really excited to bring you this first integration, and even more excited about all the many other integrations we have planned! We’ll be adding integrations for many more accounting systems, e-commerce website systems, online payment gateways, customer relations management systems (CRM), cloud file storage systems, and many more.

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