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July 15, 2015

We’re pleased to announce many new improvements and features released in SalesBinder over this past month. Here’s what’s new:

  • Email Packing Lists from SalesBinder: You can now email packing lists for each of your orders directly to your warehouse managers. SalesBinder will use the warehouse manager’s contact information to smartly auto-address the email to the correct recipients based on the location of the goods in the order. For example, if the order contains 20 different products and those items are located in two different locations, the packing list email will be sent to those two warehouse managers.
  • Location Enhancements: We’ve improved the locations area by making it easier to update existing location data which now makes it easier to enter contact information for each locations’ manager (which is useful for the new packing list emailing feature above).
  • New Reports: We’ve added a new Customer Revenue Report so you can generate a list of your customer’s sales revenues (sorted biggest to smallest). Additionally you can generate separate Customer Statements from this report. We also reorganized the reports so they’re all found under the main Reports left side menu.
  • Better Handling of new Customers: You can now add a new customer account while creating a new order instead of having to add the new customer beforehand.
  • Minor Improvements:
    • Search by account number when creating a new order
    • Rename “Invoices” to anything you’d like (same as “Estimates”)
    • Custom Purchase Order numbers (for when your supplier use their own numbers)
    • Export Payments Report as a CSV file
    • Performance improvements for very large inventory lists

Stay tuned for some big announcements coming in the near future!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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