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May 06, 2015

As always, our team has continued to develop new features and improvements to SalesBinder based on all the great feedback we’ve been receiving. We really do appreciate all the feedback – it helps us to continue improving things in all the right areas.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New Line-Item Sorting: We added the ability to move line-items up and down when creating or editing your orders (P.O’s, estimates & invoices). You can do this by dragging and dropping the “grip” icon found to the right of each line-item, or you can use the arrows to quickly move items up or down. We’ve had a lot of requests for this so we’re sure this is going to make a lot our users very happy!
  • Enhanced Searching: We’ve improved upon SalesBinder’s instant search feature by including much more inventory information in it’s index. Search results will now include data from within your custom field values as well as your item descriptions. Finding that needle in the haystack has never been easier!
  • Duplicate Inventory Item Warnings: Now when you’re adding new inventory items, SalesBinder will check to make sure an item doesn’t already exist with the exact same name. It’s a friendly reminder that shows up and it still allows you to save the duplicate item name if that’s your intention.
  • Duplicating an Inventory Item: When adding items into your inventory, sometimes the items are quite similar and the data only changes slightly. That’s where the new duplicate item feature will help. Now you can add a new inventory item with all the fields pre-populated using data from an existing item. All you would do is modify the fields that are different and save it. This new feature is found under the quick “Options” menu from the inventory list.

Integrations Platform Update:

We’ve had a lot of requests for our upcoming integrations platform and even more requests for updates on it’s progress. Our team is still actively working away on this ambitious project and we’re getting closer to start beta testing. Unfortunately it’ll probably be a few more months until we’re able to make it available to all our users around the globe.

To provide a little more technical information on how our integrations platform will work, it’s essentially a brand new cloud service we’re developing to work independently from our core web-app and API’s. Using this method allows the integrations platform to scale independently from our existing services, which means there’s no chance of our core services slowing down if too many integrations are being utilized at any given moment.

We’ve also been asked how the integrations will actually work and how they’ll be added. Great questions! Using an integration will be as easy as enabling it from within your SalesBinder account and providing your access credentials for the service you’re connecting to. The features of the integration will run seamlessly, meaning whatever actions they’re supposed to execute will automatically happen when it makes sense. For example, if you’re integrating with an accounting system, as soon as you save an invoice, it would also save it in your integrated accounting system. Initially our first integrations will be developed in-house but we plan to open up the platform in the future so others can submit their own integrations.


– The SalesBinder Team –

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