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November 05, 2015

We’re pleased to share details about many new improvements and features released in SalesBinder over this past month. Here’s what’s new:

Overall Design Improvements:

We gave SalesBinder a small refresh in the overall look and feel of the web-app recently. It’s subtle so you might not have noticed, but we’re moving towards a slightly flatter design with less shadows and less “roundness”. The spacing of elements has been cleaned up and made more consistent throughout. We also updated the layout for creating/editing orders to give your more screen real estate to work with.

Print Friendly Inventory List:

We built a really handy tool for printing your inventory list (or even saving it as a large PDF file). You can toggle many different display options (in stock items, photos, sku’s, custom fields, quantities, pricing, etc) and then generate the print friendly file. This feature is found under Inventory List → Tools.

Change Locations for Purchase Orders:

You’re now able to change the location of your purchase orders (as long as they’re not already received in full) so if the desired location of that order has changed (or incorrect), you can quickly change it and mark items as received into the newly updated location.

Improved Tracking of Inventory Quantities:

We completely rewrote the entire inventory tracking engine inside SalesBinder. It can now determine changes in quantities from edited and deleted orders and will post the difference in quantity changed into the Activity Feed. This means you can now see how quantities change over time in greater detail. The new engine is also much smarter and only updates data that has been changed, which allowed us to significantly increase the maximum amount of line-items you can have in your orders. For very large orders with a lot of line items, we’re seeing more than a 5x increase in speed when it comes to saving your changes.

Low Quantity Inventory Report:

We created a better way for tracking your low inventory items based on the low quantity threshold you set for each item. You can now view your items that need to be replenished in an easy to read report. We also have plans to expand this report to include low quantity item variations as well as the ability to automatically generate purchase orders for the low stock items.

Major Performance Improvements:

We optimized a lot of features to better handle large amounts of data more efficiently, which should be noticeable for our largest of SalesBinder accounts.

We’re not stopping here, there’s many more updates in the works and we’ll post updates on them in the coming few weeks!

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