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Updates: iOS app, WooCommerce, and new Settings

June 30, 2018

It’s summer time over here and we’re excited to announce some hot new improvements to SalesBinder which we think will be useful for a lot of our users. From our iOS app to our WooCommerce integration, here’s what’s new:

Apple iOS App Updates

We recently released our latest version of SalesBinder for iOS devices (v2.0.2). There are 2 big improvements in this release. Custom Field editing is now supported in our iOS app, which enables you to edit all the custom field values you’ve setup for each of your inventory items. We’ve also adding some syncing improvements to the Orders List. When viewing your invoices, estimates, or purchases orders list, the app will now automatically fetch any new updated data in the background so you don’t always have to remember to pull-to-refresh the list when you view it. Install or update your iOS app here:

Automatically Marking Zero Value Invoices as Paid or Not

Based on some great user feedback, we added a new option in the Settings >> Billing Settings area in SalesBinder. You now have a choice on how your zero value invoices are processed. For example if you create an invoice and set the pricing to zero for all line-items, the invoice can now either automatically be marked as paid in full, or unpaid until you apply a zero value payment towards it.

New Option to Allow Duplicate Line-Items in your Orders

We also added a new option in the Settings >> Billing Settings area to let you decide if your orders can have duplicate line-items. In the past we’ve prevented the same exact line-item from being added to an order more than once because adjusting the quantity would give you the same result. Preventing this was a choice we made to prevent the chance for user error, of accidentally selling something more than once when a lot of lines are added to an order. Based on more great user feedback we decided to add this new option so you can choose whether or not to allow the same item to be added to an order more than once, which displays as separate line-items.

Woo + SalesBinder: WooCommerce Plugin Updates

We’ve rebuilt the background syncing processes for our WooCommerce plugin so that it runs a lot more efficiently. For businesses with very large amounts of SKUs, this improvement adds significant performance improvements and reliability to keeping your website in sync with your SalesBinder data. Syncing a lot of data on web servers is always a resource intensive task so updating to our latest version will drastically reduced the CPU and Memory usage on your servers. Note: this update will show up in your WordPress “Plugin” Updates section soon.

Many new features are also coming soon and we’ll be making new announcements for them in the coming weeks!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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