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July 29, 2016

Our development team has been working really hard on a lot of new and useful features for SalesBinder this month. We’re proud to announce a couple new things we recently released which can be big time savers for a lot of our users:

Create a Purchase Order From an Existing Invoice or Estimate:

You’re now able to create a new purchase order directly from an existing invoice or estimate. Simply view any invoice or estimate in SalesBinder and click on the “Options” dropdown menu. From there you’ll see a new option “Create PO from Invoice”. This will take you through the familiar process of choosing a location and supplier. From there it will load the PO editor, which will automatically be populated with all the line-items from your existing invoice (or estimate).

In the rare situation where your invoice contained line-items from multiple locations, the PO will warn you and ask that you select a variation that is associated to the location you selected for the PO (since a PO can only contain items from the same location).

Switch Item Variations (and Locations) for Existing Line-Items:

We added a new useful tool which will make changing line-items a lot faster. If you ever have an existing order (purchase order, estimate, or invoice) that contains a line-item that you want to simply swap out for a different variation (or location) of it, it’s a lot easier now. If the line-item has different variations available then you’ll see a small edit icon beside it. Clicking on that icon will popup a window and allow you choose a different variant of that item.

One More Thing: It’s been a busy month of moving but we’re proud to say we are now officially operating out of our new downtown Vancouver office! We’re really excited to share more details and photos on our beautiful new space – once our decorating is completed of course. 🙂

– The SalesBinder Team –

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