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June 17, 2016

We’re pleased to provide another detailed update on many new improvements and features released in SalesBinder over this past month. Here’s what’s new in our inventory management software:

Reporting Features now with Location Filtering:

You’re now able to generate completely separate reports based on each of your locations within the Sold Items Report and Low Inventory Reports. This improvement was a long time coming and we’re really excited to enable our users to have the ability to run independent reports for each of their locations (stores, warehouses, offices, etc).

New Invoice List Filter Options:

We’ve added some new filtering options for the invoice list. You can now filter your invoices by dispatched, not dispatched, drop shipped, and not drop shipped.

Undo Marking Purchase Orders as “Received”:

In rare situations some users have marked purchase orders as received in full, only to then realize it shouldn’t have been marked as received. Maybe it was the wrong PO, maybe the items weren’t actually fully received. We built a new tool for accommodating these scenarios so you can now “Undo Receiving PO Items”. You can find this new tool by viewing a PO that has been marked as “received in full” and then clicking on the Options dropdown menu. When you undo receiving the PO, we’ll automatically take care of adjusting the stock levels back to where they should be as well as readjust the weighted average cost in situations where the unit cost in that PO is different than the current cost.

PDF Improvements with better International Language Support:

We upgraded our PDF generation engine to have faster performance, better reliability with handling large complex documents, and above all we introduced a new feature for PDF documents. Some users around the globe use language characters which are not natively supported in PDF files and caused the characters not to display properly. We added a new feature (under Settings -> Billing Settings) which allows you to add additional language support to PDF generated documents in SalesBinder. Enabling this feature will allow many previously unsupported text characters (ie. Asian & Cyrillic) to now be flawlessly supported by embedding some additional font information directly into the PDF file (only adding an estimated 10% increase to the file size when enabled).

Improved Developer API Query Responses:

We updated our API to provide better data validation with clearer, more useful error responses when you submit malformatted data to the system. We’re also planning on releasing some new API endpoints for automating some common tasks for developers.

Xero Accounting Integration Beta Program:

We’re getting closer to having our newest integration for Xero Accounting ready and we’re inviting a small group of users to be among the first to try it out and provide valuable feedback on any suggestions or minor issues they may have. If you’re interested in signing up for the beta program, simply send our support team a message letting us know.

Last but not least: We’re excited to announce that we’ll be moving into a bigger, custom renovated office space in downtown Vancouver over the next 4-6 weeks. We’ll be sharing more details and photos on our beautiful new space next month!

– The SalesBinder Team –

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