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Upgraded Activity Feeds for Faster Performance

January 18, 2022

We've been working hard towards building an entirely new database architecture specifically for our fast growing user account activity feeds – which is accelerating and growing at an exponential pace.

The way activity feeds in SalesBinder work, we have to log every action taken by every user so that you can always track who's done what, and have accountability for every change in your account's data. As you can imagine, logging every single little action in every single account is an enormous undertaking – these logged activity actions are now totalling in the hundreds of millions of rows needing to be queried instantly in real-time.

We needed to rebuild and architect an entirely new system from the ground up to handle this, so we ended up building and testing close to a dozen different software stacks and tested them for scalability and performance tuned them until we found the best possible solution. Once the best technologies were decided and proven, the next steps were to migrate all of this live data into the new network in a way that didn't disrupt our users. So we built an automated tool to migrate one account at a time until all active accounts were successfully migrated. This migration process took a few weeks to process due to the sheer amount data involved, but we're pleased to say we successfully completed the entire migration without a single account noticing any downtime or issues.

We understand this isn't the most exciting announcement or new feature, but hopefully it showcases how seriously we take performance and scaleability, along with how much we invest in ensuring SalesBinder's long-term success.

As a result of all this extra effort, we're happy to say all account activity feeds are now loading instantaneously, no matter how large or how active they are. In some rare instances on our largest accounts, this means a performance improvement of over 1000%, but for smaller accounts it may not even be noticable.

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