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Announcing the SalesBinder API v2.0

November 15, 2016

We’re extremely excited to announce an enormous update released today, which is the single biggest update to our codebase since launching SalesBinder many years ago. We’re rolling things out in phases, with the first phase being our new developer API:

SalesBinder API version 2.0:

Our developer API has been completely re-written to use the latest and greatest improvements in web services technologies. The first thing you’ll likely notice is that it performs 2-4x faster in common tasks and it offers more access to more of your data. We also wanted to make the transition from version 1 to version 2 as painless as possible so there isn’t too much you’ll have to change in order to take advantage of v2.

New Documentation:

We’ve completely overhauled our API documentation to be easier to navigate, easier to understand, and easier to search through. There’s many new documented endpoints which you can now use and we plan to add many more over the coming weeks. Documentation for both versions of the API can now be found here:

Core Services:

This update is the first step in upgrading all of SalesBinder’s core functionality to version 2.0. It enables us to run our entire cloud infrastructure faster, more efficiently, and reliably while also opening the doors to new technical possibilities that we’re excited to explore.

– The SalesBinder Team –

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