Our Technology

The power behind SalesBinder

How we keep your important data safe

Encrypted Connections

All communication with SalesBinder is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption, the same type of security used by all major banking websites.

Automated Data Backups

All data storage is redundant, backed up in real-time, then backed up to another location every 30 minutes, then that's backed up daily to another location. We also then backup the 'backed-up' data off site on a regular basis. As you can see, we take our data storage very seriously.

Why SalesBinder is always so fast and accessible

Cloud Computing Technology

SalesBinder has partnered with the world's leading Hosting and Cloud Computing specialists.

Hosted in the Cloud, we have multiple applications servers that can scale independently if needed, as well as horizontally by adding new servers – all without having to temporarily suspend service. Our network infrastructure ensures we can grow without any limitations so things will never get overloaded.

Open-source Frameworks

SalesBinder was developed using some of the latest and greatest open-source projects which provides the best possible speed and reliability.

System Requirements for using SalesBinder

Any Modern Web Browser

We recommend up-to-date versions of Chrome, Edge, FireFox, or Safari.

An Internet Connection

SalesBinder only requires that you have access to the internet.

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