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    The difference between sales orders and invoices

    Updated on March 1st, 2022

    We get asked this question all the time from our new users. What is the difference between a sales order and an invoice in SalesBinder?

    Here's the key differences:

    Sales Orders:

    • reserves and holds inventory quantities (doesn't deduct quantities)
    • can have 1 or more invoices generated and attached to each sales order
    • can have multiple packing lists and shipments
    • displays the invoiced percent, paid percent, packed percent, and shipped percent directly on the sales order list
    • does not affect any financial related reports (only the invoices generated from a sales order will be counted as revenue)


    • deducts inventory quantities as soon as the invoice is saved (marks the inventory as sold)
    • your revenue is reported based on your invoice data
    • payments can be applied to invoices

    Tip: If sales orders aren't needed in your account and you would like to hide it (or you don't see it in your account and want to enable it), you can enable/disable this feature by going to Settings --> Sales Orders.

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