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    Setting up inventory item variations

    Updated on February 28th, 2024

    SalesBinder supports some powerful “Item Variations” features. This allows you to setup items with any number of varying attributes such as size, color, location, etc.

    Simply put, it allows you to answer this question: “How many Widgets, in size medium and color red, do I have at Warehouse #2?”.

    Here’s how you can setup Item Variations:

    1. Create all your Locations (even if it’s just 1 location)
    2. Create your Attributes by going to “Manage Attributes” in the left menu (these can be applied to any quantity item)
    3. Add a new quantity Inventory Item (if you haven’t already)
    4. View the details of that item (inventory list -> click on name)
    5. Click on “Quantities & Variations” in the top toolbar
    6. Use the green Variation Attributes box (right side of screen) to add 1 or more attributes (which were created in step 2)
    7. Now that you have attributes associated to this item, click on “Add Item Variation” from the top toolbar
    8. In this window you can specify how many of each specific variation you have by filling out the attribute value and quantity

    Note: Once you save all your different variations, when you create an order and want to add this item, it will let you select a specific item variation as you would expect.

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