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    Differences between unique inventory and quantity inventory items

    Updated on January 26th, 2022

    You might be thinking, when should I be using unique inventory items and when should I be using quantity inventory items? Well, the differences between these two are quite important but sometimes it might come down to your preference.

    Quantity Inventory Items:

    • should not be unique items (you could have more than one of these in stock)
    • allows you to sell more than one of them at a time (in bulk)
    • allows you to create purchase orders to replenish stock levels
    • always included in the inventory list (even if stock level is at zero)

    Unique Inventory Items:

    • should be unique items with unique serial numbers and/or sku’s
    • can only have a quantity of 1
    • once they’re sold, they can only be found in the “Sold Inventory List”

    Note: Each quantity item in your inventory is counted as one record used in your SalesBinder account, regardless of how much quantity there is. This means you can have “100 blue widgets”, but it’s only counted as 1 record used up.

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