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    Deleting paid invoices

    Updated on January 27th, 2022

    SalesBinder supports deleting invoices that are “paid in full” or” partially paid”, however we do discourage doing this because you should always keep a record of any invoice you’ve created – especially if there’s been any money exchanged.

    We always recommend keeping invoices in a “cancelled” state (even if you no longer need it) just so there’s a record of the invoice, any payments received, and any payments refunded. It can prove to be very helpful if any disputes or issues arise later on.

    If you really want to completely delete an invoice, here’s how it’s done:

    • Return any payments made towards the invoice first
      • You can use Options --> Reset Invoice
      • Or use the Return Payment link
    • Once all payments have been returned, you can either cancel or delete the invoice
    • If you cancelled the invoice, you can also delete it from your invoice list
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