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    Batch editing accounts

    Updated on September 5th, 2018

    If you’re wanting to mass delete or archive a lot of your accounts (customers, prospects, or suppliers), batch edit mode is a great tool for this.

    Using SalesBinder’s batch edit mode you can check off specific accounts (or the entire page in 1 click) and then either delete or archive them.

    Here’s how to use Batch Edit Mode:

    1. Go to one of your accounts lists (customers, prospects, suppliers)
    2. Click on “Tools” then “Batch Edit Mode”
    3. You’ll see your same accounts list load with checkboxes beside each item
    4. Manually check specific accounts or simply click the topmost checkbox to auto select all accounts on the entire page
    5. After you’ve made your selection, simply click on “Delete Selected” or “Archive Selected” buttons in the top toolbar

    Note: It may take a little while for the entire process to complete since it’s updating many records at once (usually no more than 30 seconds).

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