Our Technology

How we keep your important data safe.

  • Encrypted Connections

    • All communication with SalesBinder is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption, the same type of security used by all major banking websites.
  • Automated Data Backups

    • All data storage is redundant, backed up in real-time, then backed up to another location every 30 minutes, then that's backed up daily to another location. We also then backup the 'backed-up' data off site on a regular basis. As you can see, we take our data storage very seriously.

Why SalesBinder is always so fast and accessible.

  • Cloud Computing Technology

    • SalesBinder has partnered with the world's leading Hosting and Cloud Computing specialists.
    • Hosted in the Cloud, we have multiple applications servers that can scale independently if needed, as well as horizontally by adding new servers – all without having to temporarily suspend service. Our network infrastructure ensures we can grow without any limitations so things will never get overloaded.
  • Open-source Frameworks

    • SalesBinder was developed using some of the latest and greatest open-source projects which provides the best possible speed and reliability.

System Requirements for using SalesBinder.

  • Any Modern Web Browser

    • We recommend new versions of Google Chrome, FireFox or Safari
    • Internet Explorer 10 (and above) can be used but doesn't look as pretty
  • An Internet Connection

    • SalesBinder only requires that you have access to the internet.

Network Status: 100% Global Availability (View History)