Full Inventory Software Features List

Inventory ManagementInventory Management

  • Enter all your Inventory (unique or quantity items)
  • Organize Inventory into custom categories & locations
  • Filter inventory list by category and/or location
  • Drag and Drop categories to re-order them
  • Import & Export your inventory using CSV files
  • Link Inventory Items together & create custom packages
  • Create custom estimates & invoices based on inventory
  • Add private Notes for each Inventory item
  • Add "Unique Inventory" items
  • Add "Quantity Inventory" items (small parts, accessories, attachments, or anything else that doesn't require unique SKU’s)
  • Add custom inventory fields for specific categories
  • Additional Expenses can be added to Inventory Items, which allows for accurate profit margin calculations
  • Organize inventory into multiple Locations and Zones
  • Generate Purchase Orders and replenish stock levels
  • Barcode your inventory items for fast item lookups

Financial ReportsReports

  • Generate Financial Reports for any given date range:
    • Gross & Net Revenues
    • Your Inventory Valuation
    • Cost of Newly Purchased Inventory
    • Profit / Loss
    • and more...
  • Generate Inventory Reports (items sold, top sellers, etc)
  • Generate Low Inventory Reports (items that need to be replenished)
  • Categorize revenue from services (Repairs, Rentals, etc)
  • Generate Aged Receivables Report which organizes all unpaid invoices by groups and by how old they are
  • Generate a payments report for all received payments during a specific period of time
  • Generate Customer Revenue reports and generate customer statements

Activity FeedsDashboard & Activity Feeds

  • See what everyone has been up to in the daily Activity Feed
  • Review important data changes, compare old data to new data
  • Review the Top Sales Leads and Top Unpaid Invoices
  • Global Search displays all results from all sections
  • Detailed Account Statistics show where your records are used
  • Global Address Book with instant searching
  • Graphical display shows how many Records are remaining

Manage Customer Accounts with CRMCustomer Accounts (CRM)

  • Organize all of your Customer Accounts in one place
  • Store multiple contacts for people under each account
  • Enter unlimited notes & instantly search through them
  • Review all estimates & invoices for a specific account
  • Reminders messages if account has unpaid invoices
  • Add Prospects (businesses that might become customers)
  • Add Sales Opportunities & what they're looking to purchase
  • Enter unlimited notes for customers and prospects
  • Estimate the closing percentage for each opportunity
  • Sort your Sales Leads to display the hottest Opportunities first
  • Prospects automatically convert into Customers when an Invoice is issued
  • Import & Export customers, prospects & suppliers from CSV files
  • Apply custom labels to specific accounts and keep everything organized
  • Create and assign custom pricing tiers to specific accounts

Online Invoicing, Estimates and Purchase OrdersInvoices, Estimates & P.O's

  • Quickly and easily create invoices, estimates & purchase orders
  • Download estimates & invoices as PDF documents
  • Email estimates & invoices as PDF attachments
  • Convert approved Estimates into Invoices with one-click
  • Automatically expire Estimates after X amount of days
  • Re-open expired Estimates
  • Review your revenues, including accounts receivable
  • Live Profit Analysis tool allows you to review estimated profit margins when creating estimates or invoices
  • Review which accounts have overdue Invoices
  • Record partial payments, returned payments and refunds
  • Create Packing Lists for your Warehouse teams (with optionally barcoded item list)
  • Scan inventory barcodes directly into new orders (like checking out at the supermarket)
  • Barcode your orders so you can scan them in to look up more details

Custom User PermissionsMultiple Users & Settings

  • Highly customizable settings (currencies, payment terms, units of measure, etc)
  • Collaborate with your team by adding multiple User Accounts
  • Change default settings used throughout SalesBinder
  • Connect to the SalesBinder API and integrate our system with 3rd party software or even your website
  • Custom user permissions: set view access to each section, limit to only viewing their own documents, and also set optional read-only access
  • Set users to only have access to a specific location
  • Upload custom user profile photos or use one from Gravatar
  • Integrate with other 3rd party services, such as QuickBooks Online

Note: Features are constantly being added. Feature List last updated: June 17, 2016.

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