SalesBinder allows you to create as many custom fields for your inventory data as you need. Along with this great flexibility, you’re also able to toggle whether or not you want to display this data in your documents (ie. invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and packing lists).

Here’s how it works:

  • While adding/editing an inventory category you can add/remove your custom fields (ie. Size, Color, Weight, etc.)
  • You can check the checkbox next to each custom field if you want to display this information in your documents


  • Custom Fields are created on a per-category basis
  • You can edit the values of your custom fields while adding/editing each inventory item
  • You can also import your inventory from a CSV file and match your custom fields with your CSV columns


Here’s an example of a car dealership. They would likely want to choose to include some custom fields in their documents, but maybe not others (as seen below):

Here’s how it would appear on their invoices if they were selling a classic Volkswagen Beetle. Notice the bottom 4 fields are the published custom fields shown in the image above):

There you have it – the ability to show or hide custom field data in your documents.