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New: Automatic Assembling of Kits & Bundles

Today we’re excited to be releasing a big new feature update for our Kitting/Bundling/Manufacturing capabilities, called Automatic Assembling.

What Does Automatic Assembling Do?

Depending on your specific use case, it might not be ideal to manually go into your Kits and assemble new units each time you sell them. For example, if you’re bundling together items that don’t actually need to be physically assembled together (such as a few garments of clothing sold as a packaged deal), you can simply have SalesBinder automatically assemble the Kit each time you sell it.

When you invoice a Kit that is setup to be automatically […]

New: Kitting / Bundling / Manufacturing

Today we’re thrilled to announce the addition of Kitting and Bundling. This powerful new feature enables you to use existing inventory to create new assembled products.

What Are Kits & Bundles Used For?

Anytime you want to combine inventory into a single product for sale you can now assemble it and sell it as a whole (instead of selling all the pieces individually). This is especially useful for manufacturing new products from parts, creating bundled deals, or even combining smaller units into a larger unit of measure (ie. 10 pieces assembled into 1 box).

Note: Different industries may refer to this kitting […]

New Features and Enhancements Released

Today we have released an update to SalesBinder that includes some really great new features and improvements that have been highly requested by our amazing customer base. Here’s what’s new:

Exact Match Searching

We’ve added a new option to the live inventory search function so you can now search for specific exact matches instead of the default wildcard keyword results that have always been returned. Simply use the new dropdown menu beside the search field and start getting exact match results instead. This is particularly useful when searching for SKU’s, ID numbers, custom field values, and even the item’s name if there’s […]

New: Shipment Tracking for Sold Goods

We’ve released another highly requested feature for SalesBinder, the ability to track shipments for your sold inventory items. You can now mark orders as fully shipped or even partially shipped with specific quantities. Here’s how it works:

Simply enable this new feature by going to “Settings” then click on “Shipping” in the left side menu. Once it’s enabled you can go to any saved invoice (or create a new one) and you’ll notice some new shipping related features.

You can simply mark the invoiced order as shipped in full, or you can use the “Enter partially shipped items” link to specify […]

Multiple Inventory Photos

We’re pleased to announce a great new feature that we’ve been working on for quite some time, the ability to easily upload multiple photos for each inventory item. What’s unique about this feature is how we set it up and what you can do with it.

This new feature was developed using some great new cloud computing technologies which makes uploading/downloading your photos extremely fast and reliable.

Here’s how it all works:

When adding/editing an Inventory Item:

  • select up to 5 photos, up to 5MB each and automatically upload them with 1 click
  • choose a “Primary Photo” as the main image (also displayed in your […]