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New: Stock Transfers With Shipment Tracking

Today we’re announcing a brand new feature in SalesBinder for doing inventory stock transfers. Although we have always supported basic transferring of stock, we’ve created an entirely new document for bulk transferring goods from one location to another.

How Stock Transfers Work In SalesBinder

Creating a stock transfer allows you to move many inventory items from one of your locations to a different location. There’s no limit to the number of items you can transfer and you can even scan barcoded inventory into the stock transfer document just like creating a new order.

Stock Transfers have 3 different statuses based on what […]

Announcing: Xero Accounting Integration

We’re excited to announce our official integration and partnership with Xero Accounting, one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing cloud accounting systems.

Integrating with Xero:

SalesBinder now fully integrates with Xero, providing real-time synchronization of your invoices, purchase orders, customers, suppliers/vendors, as well as transactions such as payments, refunds, and discounts.

Once your Xero integration is setup and enabled, anything you do from that point forward will automatically and seamlessly sync into Xero.

Focusing on your business while keeping your accountant happy has never been easier!

Getting Started:

While logged into your SalesBinder account, simply go to the “Settings” area, which requires administrative user permissions […]

What’s New? A Lot of Improvements

SalesBinder has had an amazing start to the year so far! We’ve continued to see an accelerated growth in our user base, we’ve made a ton of improvements throughout the system, and we’re really excited to show you some amazing new features almost ready to see the light of day.

As SalesBinder has continued it’s amazing growth trajectory we’ve had to keep up and proactively optimize everything to ensure everyone gets to continue to enjoy a fast and reliable experience.

Over the past month we’ve beefed up and replaced our entire pool of application and database servers, as well as updated much […]

Happy Holidays from SalesBinder!

This holiday season we’re giving thanks to all of our users for putting their faith in SalesBinder and helping us grow by over 600% in 2013. Thank you!

New Features and Improvements:

  • Added support for up to 4 decimal points in pricing
  • New option for displaying custom fields right on your inventory list
  • Ability to restrict users to only viewing their own documents
  • New option for displaying item location addresses on Packing Lists
  • Many design/interface improvements
  • Official iPhone App Announcement:

    We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re aiming to release the first version of our official iPhone iOS App in Apple’s App Store for February 2014. We also […]

    The New

    We’re a little late to the party in announcing our newly redesigned website but we thought it would be a good idea to go through some of the new changes:

    Mobile Friendliness:

    Our new website is now extremely mobile friendly and looks great on the biggest desktop screens all the way down to the smallest smartphone screen.

    Expanded Knowledge Base:

    Our ever expanding knowledge base has been reworked and is easier than ever to find answers to your questions. You can check out our new Knowledge Base here:

    Quicker Login Option:

    For those of you that tend to forget to login at your custom […]

    Big Updates for August 2013

    During the month of August, to say we’ve been busy would be an understatement. SalesBinder went through some very major upgrades to proactively improve a large number of things, such as performance, reliability, scalability, security, PDF document rendering, API features, and a lot more.

    Here’s some of the major highlights worth mentioning:

    Network Infrastructure Upgrades:

    The entire SalesBinder network infrastructure was changed to allow for greater reliability and scalability – all while keeping our services online during the transition. This was the single largest network upgrade ever completed by our team and we’re extremely pleased with the outcome. SalesBinder now has even more […]

    More Updates, More Growth, More Features

    SalesBinder has continued to grow at an accelerated rate and we couldn’t be happier with how things have been smoothly scaling. On top of managing this aggressive growth, we’ve continued to listen to all the great feedback that we’ve been receiving from all our amazing users and we’ve been implementing highly requested features every week as a result of that.

    Latest new features and improvements:

    Added some beautiful animated charts: (example below)

  • Ability to export your entire invoice list as a CSV spreadsheet file
  • Added optional P.O field to invoices
  • Ability to convert estimates into invoices if items are backordered in P.Os
  • Emailing invoices and estimates […]

  • New Year, New Updates

    It’s a new year and we’re extremely excited about where SalesBinder is heading for 2013! Looking back at 2012, SalesBinder grew month after month at an almost exponential rate and we’re expecting to see this continue through this year.

    Although we had some much needed rest over the holidays we’ve managed to continue moving forward with our aggressive development roadmap, releasing new features almost every week.

    SalesBinder Network Infrastructure Upgraded

    Over the weekend (Jan. 5th) we momentarily placed SalesBinder in maintenance mode for roughly 5 minutes while we quickly upgraded how SalesBinder’s network infrastructure works. This is first time SalesBinder has ever been placed […]

    Fall 2012 Updates

    During these past few months we’ve been working hard towards developing a few big new features for SalesBinder and we’re really excited about releasing them in the coming months. During this time we’ve also released many more maintenance updates and launched some new highly requested features.  Here’s a brief summary of the new features and changes we’ve recently released:

    Dispatched Invoices

    You can now mark your invoices as “dispatched” to clearly show which invoices have had their goods processed and dispatched. You can also sort your invoice list by dispatched to see which orders have been dispatched and which ones haven’t yet […]

    Purchase Orders Are Here!

    After a lot of research and development we’re pleased to announce our successful launch of some great new features for generating purchase orders, sending them to your suppliers (or vendors), and replenishing your stock levels.

    Here’s how it all works:

    If you login to your SalesBinder account now, you’ll first notice there are two new menu items (“Supplier List” and “Purchase Orders”).

    Supplier List:

    This new supplier list (found under the “Accounts” menu) is used for keeping track of all your suppliers/vendors. These suppliers can then be assigned to “Quantity Inventory Items” so you know which supplier actually supplies what. This is important because […]

    Network Status: 100% Global Availability (View History)