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Announcing: SalesBinder v2.0

We’ve been working hard for many months on an entirely new backend for SalesBinder and we’re pleased to announce it’s slowly being rolled out in small phases starting now. Initially our goal is to update all our most commonly used core services with the new version 2.0, while making it unnoticeable to our end users (except for an impressive speed increase).

What to Expect:

Performance Improvements

Taking advantage of the latest web technologies we’re able to improve what’s already an extremely fast web app and reduce page load times by an impressive 4x. As a SalesBinder user, you’ve probably already noticed this in the Customer […]

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Latest Updates on all Things SalesBinder

Our team has been busy working on many new features and improvements to SalesBinder. Here’s the latest on what’s new:

Entirely Upgraded Backend Architecture

This update is something that you can’t see but was an enormous task for our team and provides a solid foundation for new things coming down our development roadmap. We’re pleased to announce that we successfully upgraded our entire network of application servers, which are now running on newer faster hardware, and newer faster software. This rollout was successfully executed without requiring any downtime.

Ability to add “Service Items” to Purchase Orders

We received some great feedback from our users […]

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Announcing: Xero Accounting Integration

We’re excited to announce our official integration and partnership with Xero Accounting, one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing cloud accounting systems.

Integrating with Xero:

SalesBinder now fully integrates with Xero, providing real-time synchronization of your invoices, purchase orders, customers, suppliers/vendors, as well as transactions such as payments, refunds, and discounts.

Once your Xero integration is setup and enabled, anything you do from that point forward will automatically and seamlessly sync into Xero.

Focusing on your business while keeping your accountant happy has never been easier!

Getting Started:

While logged into your SalesBinder account, simply go to the “Settings” area, which requires administrative user permissions […]

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New Features and Enhancements Released

Today we have released an update to SalesBinder that includes some really great new features and improvements that have been highly requested by our amazing customer base. Here’s what’s new:

Exact Match Searching

We’ve added a new option to the live inventory search function so you can now search for specific exact matches instead of the default wildcard keyword results that have always been returned. Simply use the new dropdown menu beside the search field and start getting exact match results instead. This is particularly useful when searching for SKU’s, ID numbers, custom field values, and even the item’s name if there’s […]

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New: Batch Update Pricing

We’re pleased to announce the release of a highly requested feature which enables you to batch update pricing of your inventory items.

This new feature will prove to be a huge time saver if you ever need to update all (or some) of your product selling prices by a percentage point – without having to go through each item one-at-a-time.

To use the new batch update pricing feature, simply go to your Inventory List, click on the Options dropdown menu and select “Batch Update Pricing”. You can choose to update all of your inventory items or just a specific category. Specify if you’re increasing […]

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Multiple Packing Lists Now Supported

After recently releasing our new shipping management features we’re already announcing a great new update to it today. SalesBinder now supports generating multiple packing lists for a single order to better accommodate partial shipments.

Starting now, if you partially ship inventory items in an invoiced order, it will automatically generate a separate packing list (and unique packing list number) along with storing any optional shipping information so you can track all your shipments and provide accurate packing lists each time. The packing lists are displayed in the right side bar with options to email, print, or save any of them.

We’ll also be […]

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New: Shipment Tracking for Sold Goods

We’ve released another highly requested feature for SalesBinder, the ability to track shipments for your sold inventory items. You can now mark orders as fully shipped or even partially shipped with specific quantities. Here’s how it works:

Simply enable this new feature by going to “Settings” then click on “Shipping” in the left side menu. Once it’s enabled you can go to any saved invoice (or create a new one) and you’ll notice some new shipping related features.

You can simply mark the invoiced order as shipped in full, or you can use the “Enter partially shipped items” link to specify […]

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Announcing the SalesBinder API v2.0

We’re extremely excited to announce an enormous update released today, which is the single biggest update to our codebase since launching SalesBinder many years ago. We’re rolling things out in phases, with the first phase being our new developer API:

SalesBinder API version 2.0:

Our developer API has been completely re-written to use the latest and greatest improvements in web services technologies. The first thing you’ll likely notice is that it performs 2-4x faster in common tasks and it offers more access to more of your data. We also wanted to make the transition from version 1 to version 2 as painless as possible […]

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SalesBinder for iOS (v1.4.0) Released

We have released another big update to our iOS app available now in Apple’s App Store.

Upload and Delete Inventory Photos:

With this latest update we added support for uploading photos directly from your iPhone’s camera roll, as well as the ability to take a new photo using your phone’s camera and instantly upload it so SalesBinder.

Multiple Photos Supported:

The app also supports multiple photos, so you can upload up to 5 high resolution photos and even swipe through them when viewing an inventory item with multiple photos.

We also squashed a few more minor bugs and added some visual improvements throughout. If you’re […]

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QuickBooks Online: Syncing Purchase Orders

We’re pleased to announce a big update to our QuickBooks Online integration today. Our QBO integration now includes support for syncing your Purchase Orders as well as Supplier/Vendor data.

Enabling Purchase Order Syncing:

If you’re already using our QBO integration and syncing your invoice and customer data, enabling Purchase Order syncing is as easy as adjusting your existing Integration Settings. If you’re not yet taking advantage of this great integration, you can get started by following the steps outlined in this helpful tutorial.

We added the following new options in our QBO Integration:

A few things to note:

If you’ve already been using this integration for your invoices and […]

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