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Big Update: New Features & Improvements

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re extremely excited to share details on our latest big update released this month. It focuses on new features, performance & scalability improvements, as well as refinements to our overall design. Here’s a brief summary of what’s new:

Sales Orders: Pre-Release

We’re very pleased to announce our public beta release of our new Sales Orders document. With sales orders, you can now reserve your sold inventory quantities before invoicing them, while also keeping all of the related documents grouped together in one place. You can group together multiple invoices, multiple packing lists, purchase orders […]

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New: Automatic Assembling of Kits & Bundles

Today we’re excited to be releasing a big new feature update for our Kitting/Bundling/Manufacturing capabilities, called Automatic Assembling.

What Does Automatic Assembling Do?

Depending on your specific use case, it might not be ideal to manually go into your Kits and assemble new units each time you sell them. For example, if you’re bundling together items that don’t actually need to be physically assembled together (such as a few garments of clothing sold as a packaged deal), you can simply have SalesBinder automatically assemble the Kit each time you sell it.

When you invoice a Kit that is setup to be automatically […]

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New Features, Improvements, and Updates

We’re pleased to announce a ton of newly released updates over these past few months. Here’s the most significant points worth mentioning:

New Inventory List Filter: Only Items In Stock

We’ve had many requests from our users for specifically having the ability to only see inventory that is currently in stock (hiding items that are out of stock). We added this new filter as a simple new checkbox which can also be used in combination with the other filters, as well as carries through when doing an inventory list export.

Improved User Password Assistance

We were surprised by how often our users had […]

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New: Kitting / Bundling / Manufacturing

Today we’re thrilled to announce the addition of Kitting and Bundling. This powerful new feature enables you to use existing inventory to create new assembled products.

What Are Kits & Bundles Used For?

Anytime you want to combine inventory into a single product for sale you can now assemble it and sell it as a whole (instead of selling all the pieces individually). This is especially useful for manufacturing new products from parts, creating bundled deals, or even combining smaller units into a larger unit of measure (ie. 10 pieces assembled into 1 box).

Note: Different industries may refer to this kitting […]

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Mobile Device Design Optimizations

We’re really proud to share our completely redesigned layout for SalesBinder on smaller screens. You’ll notice SalesBinder now looks amazing on any sized screen. From the smallest sized mobile phone to the largest desktop sized monitors, you can now manage your inventory, sales, purchases, and everything else with the most intuitive design possible.

Sample screenshots from mobile Safari and Chrome

New Mobile UX Design

We released this update on the majority of mobile views throughout the SalesBinder web-app with a few more updates scheduled over the next couple of weeks. You’ll notice a vastly improved experience completely […]

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New: Stock Transfers With Shipment Tracking

Today we’re announcing a brand new feature in SalesBinder for doing inventory stock transfers. Although we have always supported basic transferring of stock, we’ve created an entirely new document for bulk transferring goods from one location to another.

How Stock Transfers Work In SalesBinder

Creating a stock transfer allows you to move many inventory items from one of your locations to a different location. There’s no limit to the number of items you can transfer and you can even scan barcoded inventory into the stock transfer document just like creating a new order.

Stock Transfers have 3 different statuses based on what […]

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New Features & Improvements

We’ve recently released some big updates to SalesBinder and think everyone is going to love them – we certainly do! Here’s the latest:

New Finder Pop-Up Windows

We completely revamped the finder pop-up windows throughout SalesBinder which enable you to (ahem) find things. Things such as searching for a customer for creating an invoice, or searching for an inventory item to be added to a new order. The new finder windows respond up to an astonishing 10x faster in our tests with large datasets so we think our power users are especially going to like these improvements.

Specifying a Quantity Before Adding […]

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More Reporting Options & Improvements

We’re pleased to have released more new features and improvements to SalesBinder this week. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

Purchased Items Report

Similar to our Sold Items Report, we’ve added a new report for your Purchased Inventory Items. This data is directly sourced from your Purchase Orders and gives you the ability to review your purchases in a much more organized manner. You can do all the usual great things such as search and filter by date-range, location, supplier and category. You can also export a nicely formatted CSV file for review in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Grouping Options for Reports

We’ve added […]

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New: Inventory Quantity Ledger

We’re excited to announce a powerful new tool for keeping track of your changing inventory quantities. We call it the Quantity Ledger and it goes well beyond being just a simple reporting tool. It’s available now and already tracking your changing inventory quantities. Here’s how it works:

Navigating To The Quantity Ledger

Simply view any inventory item you have in your inventory list, by clicking on the item name to view it. From there there’s a new drop down menu in the top toolbar called “Item Reports”. This includes the item’s Order History and the new Quantity Ledger. Note: Unique items […]

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Inventory Variations: New Enhancements

Managing your inventory with item variations has undergone some big improvements. Here’s an overview of the latest changes:

Searching Your Varying Attributes

If your inventory has been setup with many different variations (such as size, color, etc), you can now search through all those different variations to quickly find a specific variant you may need to edit. For example, if you have an inventory item setup with multi-location quantities and it has 10 different available colors, you can now simply search for one specific color. You can also search by it’s unique variation ID number.

Grouping Item Variations

When managing variations for a […]

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